Easily recommend a product to a friend.

Because we often think about friends while shopping.
Fitt enables you to easily and instantaneously share it with them.






Just launch the app and take a picture.

Spotted a piece you know your friend would love?
Just fire up the App, take a picture of it and hit send.
We’ve also added some cool effects to spice things up.

Add some details.

Locate the store, add the price
and brand of your product.
You also have the option of sharing
your Fitt on other social networks.

You’re all done !

You’ve sent the fitt, sit tight,
your friend will get a notification shortly.

A social app.

Your fitt will come up on your friends’ newsfeed. They can comment, approve or disapprove and share it with their friends.
Perfect to see if you're a good digger!

Fitt lets you know.

Next time your friend passes by a store
with a piece you recommended,
Fitt will inform them.



Fitt is the ultimate app for clothes lovers. Perfect to share your outfit with the community, recommend great products, share your discoveries, and plan gifts with friends.
Join us to get your daily dose of inspiration.