Share your outfit with people you cross paths with.

Have you ever thought « I love her shoes !! Where did she get them? ».
With Fitt, everyone can share what they are wearing.




Want to share your outfit ?
Just add clothes to your Fitt dressing

We've added a closet to your profile.
Now you can add all the great things you have bought.

And click on what you are wearing today!

When you will leave home, just select what
you are wearing. It will be visible from all the fitters
you will cross paths with.
They can even tell you that they love your style.


Go to the inspiration tab to discover what's around you!

Just fire up the App to see
what the fitters around you are wearing!
Ideal for discovering new brands and getting fashion tips.


You found something amazing ?

Go to the detailed view to see more pics and discover all the details
(brand, price...).
You can easily find out where it came from and save it to “Favorites”.
Don't hesitate to tell the fitter you love it :)

Shop clothes in two taps.

If the product was fitted from the web,
you’ll be able to buy it directly from the app.
Next time you’ll cross paths with someone wearing
an irresistible dress, just launch Fitt!

Fitt is the ultimate app for clothes lovers. Perfect to share your outfit with the community, recommend great products, share your discoveries, and plan gifts with friends.
Join us to get your daily dose of inspiration.