When I sign up, who can I add as a friend? 
It is possible to connect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. All of your contacts from these platforms who are already signed up to Fitt will be automatically added to your network. Additionally, a search engine will let you find users based on their pseudonyms. You can also invite new people to download the application by sending them an SMS or via a message on another social network.

What types of products can one “fitt”?
Fitt was created to share one’s discoveries with their friends. Since the creation of the application, we have been very concentrated on ready-to-wear products. Nevertheless, the first user tests showed us that the members also used Fitt to recommend other types of products. Notably in the realms of decoration, art, and even music!
Even if the spirit of Fitt is closer to fashion, the application is open to everyone for however they want to use it.

Who can interact with my fitts? 
Each recommendation is visible in a news feed of members who are friends with the person who receives the fitt. They can easily comment on what their contacts have sent thanks to the Fittmeter. Each user’s log of past fitts is available on their profile.

What do the options Bookmark and Gift do? 
Fitt enables easy sharing and recommending something to a close contact. The news feed makes the recommendation social and lets friends add their opinions. We have therefore also added these two functionalities to go further:
The Bookmark: Go back to add a fitt to one’s favorites in order to find it again quickly on their profile. Very practical for planning future purchases or gifts.
The Gift: Let’s you secretly “fitt” a product to a group of friends without the intended person knowing about it. An excellent way to gather opinions for a birthday gift, for example.

What can we find in the Inspiration gallery? 
This tab lets users navigate through all the fitts from the community to find new ideas for themselves or their friends. In this part of the application, only the photos of products are visible along with the name of the store or site where it can be found.
No information about the author or the history of the fitt will appear in order to preserve privacy.
It is possible to filter the gallery to find products that were “fitted” near you or online. It is very practical to discover new stores that correspond to us, but also to follow the latest trends from your couch!

What are the next developments you’re planning? 
Two things are happening now. We are first going to develop an Android version for the app and think about other systems that we could benefit from.
We will continue to improve the web aspect and open an API to let e-commerce sites integrate the “Fitt-it” button to their product pages.
There will also be more classic updates coming for the application according to the requests from users.

Other questions? 
We are still in beta, your ideas and thoughts are therefore extremely precious to us!You cam email us or use the following form.

Email : hello (at) fittapp (dot) com